Is it Ebola or is it psychological warfare?

Jon Rappoport is an ex-journalist who discovered and promoted HIV denialism in the late 1980s, and then fell into the whole New World Order / We’re All Living in the Matrix fruit bowl. He’s the founder of No More Fake News and co-conspirator, if you will, of big NWO-busting names such as Alex Jones and David Icke.

I was recently sent a blog post written by Rappoport called Is it Ebola or is it psychological warfare? The gist of the piece is that Ebola is merely a propaganda operation created to induce fear, thus making us compliant for all sorts of unspecified population control mechanisms.

I guess, apparently, it didn’t quite work with AIDS or SARS, so they’re trying again with Ebola. The New World Order chaps really aren’t very good at this are they? If they really wanted to reduce and control the population, why not just use something that is actually vastly globally deadly? I’m just one of the sheeple, but might I suggest something that affects human fertility by the millions? But no, they have to spend billions on wearing us down, one at a time, with Ebola, autism, chemtrails, fluoride, vaccines and, um, reality television. The big kill-off  is always approaching, but never arrives.

Rappoport claims to have studied logic extensively in college, but this skill seems to have been zapped (by HAARP, I expect), possibly sometime around 1987 when, as he claims, “… a thought popped into my head. AIDS. I bet there’s something about that whole thing that’s pretty weird”. Seems logical.

“It’s time to try facts instead of scare tactics”, he says, before revealing that Ebola has only given us 456 confirmed deaths (as of 25 July) whereas seasonal flu kills between 250,000-500,000 people every year. And that’s the proof that Ebola is being blown out of all proportion by the World Health Organisation and the ‘mainstream media’, apparently leading to only one conclusion: a population compliance operation.

Well, let’s regain some of that logic that Mr Rappoport appears to have mislaid, and apply it on his behalf.

Yes, Ebola deaths are very low compared to flu. But, unchecked, Ebola has a fatality rate of 90%, and even with treatment and early diagnosis it can be about 50% at best. Influenza, on the other hand, does not usually kill. For the majority of healthy people it takes the form of a very heavy and unpleasant cold for about a week.

But the genie is out of the bottle with flu – it’s out there, spreading and affecting us, every year, on a global level. Ebola is, at the moment, relatively contained and localised, and with emergency measures (hence, perhaps, the perceived ‘scare tactics’) it can be beaten down to nothing, as it has been before. Ebola is unlikely to take a hold in the frankly more sanitised and technologically richer ‘First World’, but if Ebola did reach the level of annual flu infection, we might be seeing somewhere in the region of 500 million deaths per annum.

At the moment you cannot inoculate against Ebola (and no, homeopaths, rattlesnake venom diluted to nothing will not work), whereas there are a number of influenza vaccines available that are effective in the majority of cases.

It’s funny, mainstream medicine deniers usually say that flu is not dangerous – you just need a robust immune system and to avoid vaccines (manufactured by the evil Cabal, intended to ruin your health). Rappoport is one of these people. He has written more than one blog post in which he casts doubt on the CDC’s influenza mortality numbers, claiming the estimated 36,000 deaths from influenza in the US (in 2001) is a lie, and the actual number is most likely about 18 (making Ebola over 900 times more deadly than the flu once you’ve adjusted for population size over one year). It seems he likes to change his ‘facts’ to suit his agenda.

(Note: Rappoport gets his 18 flu deaths from vaccine critic Peter Doshi. See a good take down of Doshi’s flawed theory here.)

Rappoport believes that if the immune system is strong then “a germ doesn’t stand a chance of causing serious illness”. This reveals his lack of knowledge where Ebola is concerned. If you’ve got a healthy immune system then one of the first things it does when a virus attacks is to release tetherin, a protein that inhibits retrovirus infection. Unfortunately, Ebola disables tetherin, allowing it to continue its spread from cell to cell. It actually uses the body’s immune cells to travel to other parts of the body and infect them.

He doesn’t really believe the Ebola virus is to blame anyway – in another piece he seems to suggest it’s actually antibiotics, or pesticides, or vaccines, or chemical pollution, all acting on an already depleted (by the Cabal, of course) immune system.

So who’s really using scare tactics here? Nearly all of the official, mainstream, scientific sources I’ve read on Ebola, while stating that this is an unprecedented outbreak and that urgent measures are required, also give out the calm facts: Ebola is not an airborne virus, survival rates are vastly improved with medical attention, it can be beaten with good hygiene practice, and it is highly unlikely to take hold in ‘the West’.

The conspiracists, on the other hand, and as usual, are pouring out the fear and paranoia – Ebola is psychological operation designed, created and implemented by the authorities; they’re destroying your immune system so almost anything can kill you; they’re coming to get you; don’t trust anyone!

Here’s a few conspiracy-flavoured headlines: Cure for Ebola They Don’t Want You To Know About; Ebola May Have Already Crossed Border; US Govt Admits To Ebola Attack; Why Did the US Government Patent the Ebola Virus in 2009?; What Are US Biowar Researchers Doing in the Ebola Zone?; 25 Critical Facts About This Ebola Outbreak That Every American Needs To Know; The US Is Quietly Establishing Ebola Quarantine Centers; Timeline Says Atlanta Ebola Patient A PsyOp Hoax; Ebola Bodily Fluids readily Airborne Weaponizable; etc., etc. Feeling afraid yet?

(Edit: I just had to add a link to this video of conspiracy commentator Christopher Greene getting more and more panicky throughout one of his pieces on Ebola. If the virus is psychological warfare, he’s fallen for it hook, line and sinker. Also, he doesn’t seem to know what inoculation means.)

Misinformation and pseudoscience on Ebola, such as that promoted on Rappoport’s blog, are a real contributing factor to the spread of this deadly virus. Many African citizens believe that Ebola is a Western plot to kill them off and this has led to violent mobs gathering and vital treatment centres being evacuated. Some don’t trust the official health centres and turn to witch doctors for help.

On his website, Jon Rappoport offers a coaching program called Imagination Work – “using imagination to fully grasp what is desired in life”. I think this might offer a clue as to where his theories on Ebola come from – there doesn’t appear to be any actual evidence behind his claims, but his imagination certainly seems to be working overtime.

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