This blog is a place for me to write and explore my thoughts and arguments on matters of skepticism, secularism, religion, and rationality.

I was brought up in a religion-like cult from birth. Although my parents eventually drifted away from the organisation, each of them went down their separate supernatural paths; my father into Eastern religion, spirituality and extreme conspiracy theories, and my mother into alternative health and New Age spirituality.

I don’t think I was ever completely sold on my ‘birth religion’, but I was certainly indoctrinated into many of its tenets, some of which took a while to shake off. I was never a seeker (I’ve always had too much to get on with in real life), but drifted in and out of various vague spiritual beliefs, largely due to the influences of my parents, but occasionally through my own interest. I dabbled in conspiracy theories too, but never became obsessed with them.

At some point I realised I didn’t have a strong belief in any of this stuff and I started to examine such things in a new light. Slowly but surely I introduced myself to rationalism and skepticism (a particularly fraught conversation with a moon hoax advocate gave me a big push in this direction). Discovering Humanism revealed that my core stance in life had always been humanist, it just required a little refining here and there.

I have a strong interest in conspiracy theories (especially their debunking), alternative medicine (two close relatives died while relying on alternative therapies instead of conventional medicine), children in religion (from my own experiences, but also as a parent now myself), and secularism (especially in the United Kingdom). I also love evolution and history.

Many see these things and think “what’s the harm?”. But my view is that these beliefs do cause real harm in the world. They imprison human progression, they cost lives. I want to know what’s true.


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