The Big Brexit Conspiracy

The United Kingdom is divided, it’s civil war. Like a belly button with a vote, you’re either an ‘innie’ or an ‘outie’. Such is the level of feeling that the ‘unfriend’ button on Facebook is getting worn out from the number of clicks it receives per minute in the wake of irate comment wars concerning the curvature of bananas and whether our opinion should be weighed in pounds or kilograms.

It’s Brexit – the badly thought-out referendum to let ‘the people’ decide whether Britain should remain a member of the European Union, or cut all ties and drift off into a glorious twilight of isolation.

One aspect that has been fascinating is how the discourse has strongly resembled that which is so familiar to conspiracy theory watchers everywhere. In fact, have the words ‘conspiracy theory’ ever been so often used in a political debate?

Newspaper columnists and journalists have used the term liberally within the millions of words written during the heated campaign. George Osbourne invoked it along with fake moon landings and the Loch Ness Monster in relation to the tactics of the Leave campaign. David Cameron name-checked the Odd-Father of conspiracy, David Icke, in a speech in France in March, stating there was no “David Icke-style” conspiracy to keep Britain within the EU. To which Icke responded, “there bloody is!”

Of course it’s no surprise that David Icke backs a Brexit vote. Just as it’s true that not every Brexit voter is a racist, but every racist is a Brexit voter, so it goes for conspiracy believers – they want out.

Why could that be? Do they think Britain will be able to forge stronger trade relations with the rest of the world as a free agent? Do they want an end to the fishing quota? Are they worried about the strain on local services due to the free movement of people across European borders?

It’s unlikely their train of thought gets that far. Fed on an exclusive diet of InfoWars, David Icke, Henry Makow, Rense, Veterans Today, Benjamin Fulford and endless others, for them the EU has nothing but evil at the very core of its making. Of course, as with any conspiracy theory, that core is as confusing, fantastical and self-conflicting as any of the myriad other theories they swallow whole-heartedly.

For most, it comes down to a ’shadowy elite’, controlling our every move. As to who this supposed shadowy elite is, well that depends …

For some, the EU was instigated by the Nazis, the next stage in their planned conquest when the military phase ended – and the political one started: the Fourth Reich. In this narrative, we’ve all been fooled and the idealogical descendants of Adolf Hitler have ended up winning World War II in the form of a Europe governed by German economic power.

For others the origins of the EU lie in the opposite corner. It’s the Jews and their plan of financial mastery, as laid out in the (totally fabricated) ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, and their desire to breed out the ‘Western races’ and produce a pan-European man, a ‘mongrel’ as several far-right organisations put it, through the widespread inter-marriage of Europeans with Arabs and Africans.

Of course the shadowy elite can also be any number of the other usual suspects (or, invariably, a mixture) – the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, the Khazarian Mafia, the CIA, the Rockerfellers. A Communist influence is conjured with the name of the EUSSR, reflecting the supposed dictatorial position taken by the Union’s secretive leaders.

Or it could be a Catholic plot, with the Vatican being identified as the prime mover behind the various EU directives. After all, it is argued, the twelve stars of the EU flag is merely a representation of the Virgin Mary as depicted in the Book of Revelation (12:1).

The very idea of a flag is enough proof for some that the EU was a plot from the very beginning. It legitimises the Union as a federal state, the United States of Europe. As Alex ’False Flag’ Jones repeatedly says, it’s the first stage of the reality envisioned by a global cabal for a New World Order – one in which the entire planet will be eventually subdued under the oppressive fist of a faceless elite. This elite could be the ‘banksters’, the Illuminati, or even Icke’s lizards – take your pick, or choose them all if you want, consistency is not required in this worldview.

For ex-UKIP leadership contester (and dangerous alternative medicine quack) David Noakes, the EU was founded by Nazis but has since been taken over by Communists. The Bilderberg group decides who will be the UK’s Prime Minister in fixed elections, and then they train us to hate Muslims so we’ll go to war with them. Soon, he says, we’ll have a ‘Church of the EU’. He wants the Queen (a Nazi, he claims) to be hanged.

For MI5 whistleblower, 9/11 Truther, and self-proclaimed Messiah David Shayler, the whole EU Referendum is a charade run by a Zionist cabal that is dictated by a CIA-lead agenda – all eventually leading to a planned European ‘civil war’.

This might all seem rather far-fetched and remote from the mainstream views of the opposing camps in the Referendum. But when you come back to Earth from this flight through delusional conspiracy theory, you might be surprised to discover there’s very little wiggle room between the fantasists of the InfoWars forums and our politicians and their supporters, especially those on the side of the ‘Out’ campaign.

Tory MP Philip Hollobone, in the House of Commons, suggested the Bilderberg Group was looking to influence the outcome of the EU Referendum, but he’s far from alone in promoting such paranoid ideas. An idle glance at the comments on the Vote Leave Facebook page reveals a number of people advising voters to take their own pen so the ‘authorities’ cannot easily cheat the outcome.

Boris Johnson, a wolf in clown’s clothing whose desire for No. 10 is greater than any morals he may have once had, didn’t take long to raise the spectre of the Nazi conspiracy when he claimed the EU had exactly the same goal as Hitler – a unified superstate. He even got in on Donald Trump’s act, alluding to the ‘Birther’ conspiracy  by emphasising Barack Obama’s “part-Kenyan” ancestry after the US President offered his view that the UK would fare better by remaining in the EU.

Many quickly saw the obvious comparison between Nigel Farage’s ‘Breaking Point’ poster – showing lines of desperate Syrian refugees crossing the Slovenian border – and Nazi propaganda of the 30s and 40s where lines of Jewish migrants were described as ‘parasites’.

A very short line can be drawn between the message of Farage and his fellow UKIP xenophobes and one of the strongest and most troubling of the modern EU-related conspiracy theories: the concept of Eurabia.

This has echoes of the Jewish conspiracy mentioned above, where the EU are deliberately allowing, in fact deliberately causing, the huge influx of refugees from the Middle East in order to dilute and destroy the various unique white European cultures, or as David Icke put it, to make us ‘less resistant to EU power”.

Using the terms and tropes of conspiracy theorists, with their image of tin-foil hats and ridiculous lizards, might seem like the jokey side of the Referendum, but to see where ideas like this lead just read the manifesto of Anders Breivik, the Norwegian white supremacist and conspiracy theorist who, like many of his far-right brethren, firmly believed that the idea of Eurabia was real and that something should be done about it. For him that thing was the horrifying cold-blooded murder of 77 of his fellow citizens in July 2011.

And now we have the awful murder of the Labour MP, Jo Cox, by a man who appears at first glance to hold not dissimilar views. Before the mother of two young children had even breathed her last, members of the David Icke forum were describing the attack as a false flag by the Remain campaign in order to bolster their flagging poll results, a refrain soon taken up by others in the conspiracy fruit bowl, including Benjamin Fulford who casually claimed that Cox was an agent of the Rothschilds.

A number of commentators quickly recognised that the atmosphere generated by the Leave campaign (and it is mainly that side) may have contributed to the actions carried out that day. Nigel Farage, who once called the ban on handguns “ludicrous”, had also stated that the next step of a public frustrated with immigration could be violence.

Farage is a prolific propagator of EU conspiracy theories, and if his own words weren’t evidence enough, then the fact that he took time out to be interviewed by conspiracy maestro Alex Jones should settle it. Here Farage indulged himself – the EU was created by elites aiming for global governance, the war on terror is manufactured by the EU to achieve their agenda, and the fact of global warming is actually just “scaremongering” – a conspiracy.

The Brexit propaganda has spewn out thick and fast, and has been hungrily devoured by a public blissfully ignorant of the actual workings of the EU, blank slates upon which the likes of Boris, Gove and Farage can scrawl whatever disinformation they wish: Hitler would have loved the EU! We pay them £350 million a week! With that money we could build dozens of new hospitals! Turkey are going to join and we’ll be inundated by even more foreigners! The EU is undemocratic! A shadowy elite rules us from afar! We’ll be stronger on our own! We want our country back!

This is just the message being sold through a crowdfunded film, Brexit the Movie, a disingenuous, one-sided, look at the EU through conspiracy goggles, where Janet Daley can get away with saying that the EU “was devised to make sure that the great mass of the people couldn’t control government ever again.”

The film was made by Martin Durkin, the self-proclaimed ‘Michael Moore of the right’, a climate change denialist who compared environmentalists to Nazis, and claimed – against all the scientific evidence – that silicone breast implants could reduce the risk of breast cancer. He has been strongly criticised for his selective editing and for breaching Ofcom guidelines, but he’s perfectly at home glamourising conspiracy, being the producer of a whole box of TV nonsense, including programmes such as The Holy Grail and the Labyrinth, Nazi Ice Fortress and Did We Nuke Jupiter? His Brexit the Movie fits right in.

If you start paddling in the intellectual shallows of conspiracy, you’ll find all it takes is a strong current – a gust of Farage, a bluster of Boris – and you could quickly be immersed in deeper waters, wading into the distorted worlds of the likes of David Icke and Alex Jones. A few may be carried further out by stronger waves, perhaps depending on their state of mind, and might even find themselves in over their heads, clinging on to people who look a lot like Thomas Mair or Anders Breivik.

The EU is a long way from perfection and it has many problems – of course it does, it’s run by humans. But the facts, the expert opinion (yes, Mr. Gove) and the rational arguments, are nearly all overwhelmingly on the side of remaining in Europe, of having a seat at the table, of working together to try and make the world a better place for all of us.

Conspiracy theories – at whatever level – are a poison to rational thinking and a grave hinderance to informed decision making. Lies, contorted truths and deceptions, as widely spread by the Leave campaign, far right organisations, and pedlars of conspiracies of all kinds, promote division, foster hate, and lead to bad thinking and potentially dangerous outcomes. I do hope we don’t risk our future due to such blatant nonsense.


Measles and the Yanomami: did a Scientist “kill Amazon indians to test race theory”? No.

According to recent activity across various social networks, those evil scientists are at it again. And this one must be true as it’s from no less a robust and upstanding source as The Guardian

“Thousands of South American indians were infected with measles, killing hundreds, in order for US scientists to study the effects on primitive societies of natural selection, according to a book out next month.”

It’s got it all: scientists conducting eugenic experiments on an innocent native people, funded by an organisation that makes atomic bombs, and using vaccines to spread disease and cause death.

Many don’t bother to read the article – they don’t have to, the headline confirms everything they already knew. They click ‘like’, share and retweet it, tag it with keywords such as ‘white supremacy’ and ‘eugenics’, and make comments referring to Ebola, AIDS, the Tuskegee Experiment, the depopulation agenda, MMR, racism and, of course, the Nazis. Some versions also show an indigenous tribesperson covered in a mosaic of awful welts – presumably the very measles that was deliberately set off to run free within this jungle utopia of a savage yet noble people at one with nature.

Those who do follow the link and read the article do not have their minds changed. In the late-1960s, a “new book” reveals, an anthropologist named James Neel, backed by the US Atomic Energy Commission, administered a harmful measles vaccine, Edmonston-B, to intentionally create or exasperate a measles epidemic among the vulnerable Yanomami people in the forests of Venezuala, killing hundreds, possibly thousands, of men, women and children.

Let the outrage pour forth!

Or … perhaps, you should take a closer look. Note, for instance, the date of the article. It was written in September 2000 – over fourteen years ago. And what about the picture (warning: unpleasant) … is that really measles? It doesn’t look right. An image search reveals it is not a case of measles, and is not a member of the Yanomami – in fact the young girl in the photograph is not even South American. She is a Bangladeshi with smallpox, and the image comes from the CDC’s Public Health Image Library (it’s not actually part of the Guardian article, someone has added the photo somewhere along the line and it has accompanied the Facebook version of the link ever since).

Once your skeptical hackles have been raised, if, in fact, they ever have, it is not hard to find out what became of this terrible crime against humanity. It never happened.

The Guardian article consists primarily of quotes from a leaked letter written by Professor Terry Turner of Cornell University to the president of the American Anthropological Association. Turner had just read the proofs of a forthcoming book, Darkness in El Dorado, by journalist Patrick Tierney, and wanted to warn the Association so it could prepare its defence.

The allegations in the book are damning and Turner’s assessment is equally harsh and accusatory. Neel, aided by ‘maverick’ anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon and funded by the US Atomic Energy Commission, used the Edmonston-B vaccine to instigate measles – a highly contagious and sometimes deadly disease – in order to observe ‘survival of the fittest’ in action. The book is copiously annotated, was previewed and reviewed widely and positively, including prominently in the New York Times, and was a finalist for the prestigious National Book Award.

But even before it was published, in November 2000, Tierney’s story started to unravel, causing the author to apparently edit a number of his claims before going to press and to distance himself from Turner’s suspiciously enthusiastic ‘leaked’ commentary. Turner, it emerged, was one of the people Tierney had thanked in the book’s acknowledgements.

The resulting inquiry by the American Anthropological Association – though it concluded that Neel saved many lives through vaccination – was a mess, selective in its evidence, biased from the outset, and seemingly a panicked shot fired in self-defence rather than a rational and balanced look at the facts. Though the damage was done, Turner himself retracted his statement that Neel was responsible for the measles outbreak once he actually bothered to look into the facts of the matter, and the AAA later admitted their report was flawed and withdrew their support of Tierney’s work three years later.

James Neel did not deliberately introduce a measles epidemic to the Yanomami at the bidding of his dark masters, the US Atomic Energy Commission. The US AEC were widely involved in supporting genetic research and Neel had worked for them previously in relation to Japanese victims of the atomic bombs. This was all out in the open, there was nothing sinister or unusual about it. The Yanomami represented, for Neel, a living example of humankind as it might have existed in its pre-agricultural state, offering a near-perfect opportunity to research and compare their genetic structure with modern populations – Richard Dawkins described them as “a human tribe which probably ran as close to the cutting edge of natural selection as any in the world”.

One aspect of Neel’s expedition was a humanitarian one – to vaccinate the tribespeople against measles, a disease he discovered they were particularly susceptible to due to practically no genetic history with the virus, and one that was dangerously close to spreading among them. Neel consulted with experts to choose the right vaccine: true, the Edmonston-B strain had slightly increased side effects (a higher fever) compared to the more recently developed Schwartz strain, but it conferred longer-lasting immunity and the fever could be pacified with an additional shot of gamma globulin. After nineteen-million doses given (and, despite being phased out, it was still being used in the US at the time), not one had been the cause of a measles outbreak. Two-thousand doses of the vaccine were donated to Neel’s mission by Pharmaceutical companies on the grounds they were to be used for humanitarian purposes and not for scientific research.

To further put this accusation in the grave, where it belongs, a close examination of the dates reveals that measles reached the Yanomami at least a week before Neel arrived (it was most likely brought in by the daughter of a missionary at Toototobi). His carefully planned vaccination strategy had to be abandoned as he and his team raced to try and control the epidemic. Unfortunately they couldn’t prevent its spread, but there is no doubt they saved lives. The claim that Neel deliberately withheld treatment can also be dismissed – with nurses employed and documented requests for doctors and penicillin made by radio. The expected 30% death rate turned out to be just 8% thanks to Neel’s medical direction.

The main point of Darkness in El Dorado, and Turner’s conveniently leaked letter to the AAA, seems to have been a smear campaign against Neel’s assistant, Napoleon Chagnon, something that had been rumbling away for a good few years, involving two opposing tribes of anthropologists and their respective ideologies. That debate, relating to the ethics of studying and intervening in the lives of indigenous peoples, is a separate issue, but the wider accusations of the book have been roundly discredited multiple times, including investigations by the American Society of Human Genetics, Alice Dreger in Human Nature, the University of Michigan, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, by Kim Hill of the University of New Mexico, and John Tooby at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

It is interesting to note that in the years since his book was published and debunked, Tierney has drifted into the arms of the modern anti-vaccination movement, in particular becoming a friend of the discredited pariah Andrew Wakefield. Here he has found an audience who are all too eager to lap up his tales of human experimentation and vaccine-induced death and injury.

And so perhaps this is why Tierney’s work is once again getting an airing, this time on the Facebook pages of those who think vaccines are the government’s way of  controlling the population and polluting the perfect immune systems of their children, rather than what they actually are – the cause of millions of lives saved and the near eradication of once common killers from our privileged existence.

But how can they resist such a damning headline? The blame for that should lie with The Guardian. It’s blatantly provocative, without foundation, and worthy of the most lurid of the gutter press (the article appeared later in the Manchester Guardian with the almost-as-bad headline ‘US scientist brought death to the Amazon’). There’s no visible update to inform the reader that the story presented has since been definitively consigned to the rubbish-tip of smear journalism and it’s even tagged with the label ‘MMR’, despite that having nothing to do with what’s reported.

So it lives on, a time-capsule causing heartache to those whose reputations it tramples (or their families, James Neel died seven months previously), and provoking real harm in a world where distrust of vaccines in developing countries results in the continuance of deadly disease and the murder of those who work to eradicate them.

As of the time of writing, Paul Brown’s ‘Scientist killed Amazon indians’ article has over 27,000 shares. Its follow-up, James Meek’s ‘Professor denies causing measles epidemic‘ has zero shares. There seems to be no further update or reporting from The Guardian dealing with the eventual debunking of Turner and Tierney’s false allegations.

The Yanomami-measles link itself is a virus – reactivated after years, spreading from one Facebook page to another, ratcheting up the clicks and infecting viewpoints. At some stage someone has added the smallpox image, an adjuvant to increase the emotional reaction among the uncritical devotees of an imagined Illuminati-lead world. They blindly repeat and publicise the misinformation because it supports their agenda – and a lie is the perfect shape for an ignorance-shaped hole.


Please read historian of medicine Alice Dreger’s response to the resurgence of the Guardian article: And the Dead Claims Shall Rise (8 Mar 2015)


I have been accused of writing an article with no basis in fact and no sources. The article is peppered with links to back up the statements made. However, here is a more visible list of the most relevant links, for convenience:

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Is it Ebola or is it psychological warfare?

Jon Rappoport is an ex-journalist who discovered and promoted HIV denialism in the late 1980s, and then fell into the whole New World Order / We’re All Living in the Matrix fruit bowl. He’s the founder of No More Fake News and co-conspirator, if you will, of big NWO-busting names such as Alex Jones and David Icke.

I was recently sent a blog post written by Rappoport called Is it Ebola or is it psychological warfare? The gist of the piece is that Ebola is merely a propaganda operation created to induce fear, thus making us compliant for all sorts of unspecified population control mechanisms.

I guess, apparently, it didn’t quite work with AIDS or SARS, so they’re trying again with Ebola. The New World Order chaps really aren’t very good at this are they? If they really wanted to reduce and control the population, why not just use something that is actually vastly globally deadly? I’m just one of the sheeple, but might I suggest something that affects human fertility by the millions? But no, they have to spend billions on wearing us down, one at a time, with Ebola, autism, chemtrails, fluoride, vaccines and, um, reality television. The big kill-off  is always approaching, but never arrives.

Rappoport claims to have studied logic extensively in college, but this skill seems to have been zapped (by HAARP, I expect), possibly sometime around 1987 when, as he claims, “… a thought popped into my head. AIDS. I bet there’s something about that whole thing that’s pretty weird”. Seems logical.

“It’s time to try facts instead of scare tactics”, he says, before revealing that Ebola has only given us 456 confirmed deaths (as of 25 July) whereas seasonal flu kills between 250,000-500,000 people every year. And that’s the proof that Ebola is being blown out of all proportion by the World Health Organisation and the ‘mainstream media’, apparently leading to only one conclusion: a population compliance operation.

Well, let’s regain some of that logic that Mr Rappoport appears to have mislaid, and apply it on his behalf.

Yes, Ebola deaths are very low compared to flu. But, unchecked, Ebola has a fatality rate of 90%, and even with treatment and early diagnosis it can be about 50% at best. Influenza, on the other hand, does not usually kill. For the majority of healthy people it takes the form of a very heavy and unpleasant cold for about a week.

But the genie is out of the bottle with flu – it’s out there, spreading and affecting us, every year, on a global level. Ebola is, at the moment, relatively contained and localised, and with emergency measures (hence, perhaps, the perceived ‘scare tactics’) it can be beaten down to nothing, as it has been before. Ebola is unlikely to take a hold in the frankly more sanitised and technologically richer ‘First World’, but if Ebola did reach the level of annual flu infection, we might be seeing somewhere in the region of 500 million deaths per annum.

At the moment you cannot inoculate against Ebola (and no, homeopaths, rattlesnake venom diluted to nothing will not work), whereas there are a number of influenza vaccines available that are effective in the majority of cases.

It’s funny, mainstream medicine deniers usually say that flu is not dangerous – you just need a robust immune system and to avoid vaccines (manufactured by the evil Cabal, intended to ruin your health). Rappoport is one of these people. He has written more than one blog post in which he casts doubt on the CDC’s influenza mortality numbers, claiming the estimated 36,000 deaths from influenza in the US (in 2001) is a lie, and the actual number is most likely about 18 (making Ebola over 900 times more deadly than the flu once you’ve adjusted for population size over one year). It seems he likes to change his ‘facts’ to suit his agenda.

(Note: Rappoport gets his 18 flu deaths from vaccine critic Peter Doshi. See a good take down of Doshi’s flawed theory here.)

Rappoport believes that if the immune system is strong then “a germ doesn’t stand a chance of causing serious illness”. This reveals his lack of knowledge where Ebola is concerned. If you’ve got a healthy immune system then one of the first things it does when a virus attacks is to release tetherin, a protein that inhibits retrovirus infection. Unfortunately, Ebola disables tetherin, allowing it to continue its spread from cell to cell. It actually uses the body’s immune cells to travel to other parts of the body and infect them.

He doesn’t really believe the Ebola virus is to blame anyway – in another piece he seems to suggest it’s actually antibiotics, or pesticides, or vaccines, or chemical pollution, all acting on an already depleted (by the Cabal, of course) immune system.

So who’s really using scare tactics here? Nearly all of the official, mainstream, scientific sources I’ve read on Ebola, while stating that this is an unprecedented outbreak and that urgent measures are required, also give out the calm facts: Ebola is not an airborne virus, survival rates are vastly improved with medical attention, it can be beaten with good hygiene practice, and it is highly unlikely to take hold in ‘the West’.

The conspiracists, on the other hand, and as usual, are pouring out the fear and paranoia – Ebola is psychological operation designed, created and implemented by the authorities; they’re destroying your immune system so almost anything can kill you; they’re coming to get you; don’t trust anyone!

Here’s a few conspiracy-flavoured headlines: Cure for Ebola They Don’t Want You To Know About; Ebola May Have Already Crossed Border; US Govt Admits To Ebola Attack; Why Did the US Government Patent the Ebola Virus in 2009?; What Are US Biowar Researchers Doing in the Ebola Zone?; 25 Critical Facts About This Ebola Outbreak That Every American Needs To Know; The US Is Quietly Establishing Ebola Quarantine Centers; Timeline Says Atlanta Ebola Patient A PsyOp Hoax; Ebola Bodily Fluids readily Airborne Weaponizable; etc., etc. Feeling afraid yet?

(Edit: I just had to add a link to this video of conspiracy commentator Christopher Greene getting more and more panicky throughout one of his pieces on Ebola. If the virus is psychological warfare, he’s fallen for it hook, line and sinker. Also, he doesn’t seem to know what inoculation means.)

Misinformation and pseudoscience on Ebola, such as that promoted on Rappoport’s blog, are a real contributing factor to the spread of this deadly virus. Many African citizens believe that Ebola is a Western plot to kill them off and this has led to violent mobs gathering and vital treatment centres being evacuated. Some don’t trust the official health centres and turn to witch doctors for help.

On his website, Jon Rappoport offers a coaching program called Imagination Work – “using imagination to fully grasp what is desired in life”. I think this might offer a clue as to where his theories on Ebola come from – there doesn’t appear to be any actual evidence behind his claims, but his imagination certainly seems to be working overtime.

If you go chasing rabbits …

Conspiracy theorists are in seventh* heaven at the moment and new recruits are donning their tin-foil hats almost daily. How many times have I read recently, on blogs and on Facebook, “I’m not normally into conspiracy theories, but this is getting weird …”

Disaster has befallen a second Malaysian Airlines flight within months, the Middle East seems to be brewing up towards WWIII, and number one enemy of the reptoids, David Icke, has been ‘proved right’ as the British establishment – particularly its two central pillars, parliament and the BBC – turns out to be one massive paedophile ring.

But which truth is true? In the case of flight MH17, shot down in Ukraine on 17 July, no one can quite decide, with a whole host of conspiracy celebs, wannabe celebs, and Truther Google-researchers offering up every little possibility that leaps into their pattern-seeking, dot-connecting, unplugged from the Matrix minds.

The most obvious is that it’s a false flag operation (of course), perhaps by the Ukraine government to gain Western sympathy for their ongoing conflict with Russia. Or maybe by Mossad, to draw attention away from their murder of Palestinian children in Gaza, or even the US government to draw attention away from their border and illegal immigration problems. But let’s get serious, it’s most likely the work of the Illuminati/New World Order, to spark off World War Three in this, the 100th anniversary year of World War One.

It could be any of these, or even multiple of these. Or perhaps something else … a failed assassination of Putin, whose own plane was supposedly following closely behind and was similarly marked in the same colours. But who’d want to kill Putin? Why, Ukranians, the CIA, the New World Order, or all three, of course!

The New World Order could also be behind the shooting down of the plane to prevent the cure for AIDS (or its hidden man-made CIA-backed origins) from being revealed at the 20th Annual AIDS conference in Melbourne, and if it wasn’t the NWO then it was Big Pharma itself that fired the missile (or launched an F15 from a secret US base in Azerbaijan) – after all, they don’t want us to get cured, they want to keep us sick so they can continue selling us high-priced but ineffective unnatural treatments for our ‘dis-ease’.

But maybe we’re missing the obvious here? Don’t forget flight MH370 that went missing back in March, what happened to that? MH17 is MH370! Filled with dead bodies and exploded over Ukraine in a sneaky yet brilliant yet, um, irrationally complex plan to get rid of the evidence.

But that might not be it … we mustn’t forget the Rothschilds, those evil NWO, Nazionist string-pullers. The Jewish bankers are running an insurance scam on Malaysian Airlines to recoup financial losses made recently. Either that, or they’re making a dirty bomb to be used in a future false flag operation … yes, they’ve kidnapped engineers from MH370 and biologists from MH17 and now they’re all working for the One World Government on an ingenious bio-weapon on the remote island (and US Naval base) of Diego Garcia. Haven’t you read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? What? It’s a forgery? Hah … that’s what they want you to think!

Of course, everything is connected. As Mossad detonated the plane they kidnapped from the Malaysians back in March over Ukraine, their government masters in Israel continue their indiscriminate destruction on the people of Gaza.

It all started with the kidnap and brutal murder of three Israeli teens. By Palestinians? No, by Israelis! It was another false flag, so they can attack Palestine and steal all that gas they’re sitting on. Or it could be that darned New World Order again, the one run by the Rothschilds and the Rockerfellers (and probably the Ramones too, before they were all murdered) – using Gaza as a flashpoint to launch the world into WWIII and accelerate their depopulation agenda. You, know, the one that Bill Gates is helping to fund. Come on White Dragon Society, we need you now!

But wait, it could be ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) who set up the false flag murder of the teenagers – there’s nothing they’d want more than war in Gaza. Well, maybe there is one thing – they plan to infiltrate the US through the Mexican border! If only Obama didn’t want to take away our guns (precipitated by a number of false flag school/cinema/shopping mall shootings played out by a cast of Masonic crisis actors), then we could actually defend ourselves, just as the Second Amendment stipulates (or not).

That is, if ISIS really are Muslims. But they’re not, you know … ISIS were created by Israel to draw the US further onto the Middle East. But wait, even that’s not true … ISIS are actually a secret wing of the CIA, based in Turkey and launched to destabilise the Arab nations and/or to give the US an excuse to go into Syria. Problem, reaction, solution – it’s all so obvious.

The Illuminati certainly have a lot to answer for. And they’re all paedophiles too. Peaches Geldof knew that, and that’s why they had to murder her after she started revealing their names on Twitter. Jill Dando had to go as well. Just as she was about to hand in her dossier on the BBC paedophile ring … bang!

Proof that the BBC are a paedophile organisation is blatantly hidden in plain sight in the form of the occultish Prospero and Ariel statue on Broadcasting House, sculpted by known-paedophile, Eric Gill. In fact anyone using his most famous font, Gill Sans, is probably a paedophile too. The BBC’s logo uses Gill Sans – case closed.

But at last they’re being exposed. The establishment can no longer hide because they’ve ordered an enquiry into themselves to uncover their own cover-up! It all goes back to Satanist-paedophile Jimmy Savile. He had connections with Cyril Smith (paedophile); he had connections with Thatcher and her government (a cabinet of paedophiles); he had connections with the royal family (lizard paedophiles); and he even had connections with Israel (probably paedophiles – they gave him a medal). Basically, if you can find a photo of someone, anyone, with Jimmy Savile and post it on Facebook, they’re a paedophile.

But why children? Well, our reptilian overlords love to feed on the flesh of innocent children – for one thing, children’s bodies do not have the accumulation of pollutants that adults have, and, secondly, the energy field of a child in extreme fear is very tasty, and gives the Draconian Lizard Lords a huge rush. The Queen is well known to eat children, something she probably discussed with convicted paedophile Rolf Harris while he painted her in human form.

The far right have another theory – the establishment have introduced an epidemic of paedophilia in order to destroy the fabric of Merry Old England, to allow it to be taken over by thieves, mobsters, and, worst of all, foreigners.

So wake up, sheeple, stop taking the blue pill, stop swallowing everything the mainstream media are feeding you, and find out what’s really going on. They might try to indoctrinate us with their chemtrails, fluoride, aspartame, vaccines and reality television, but we know a false flag when we see one fluttering in the Matrix. Just follow the money, then you’ll see who’s really behind the curtain … the Illuminati-Zionist-Nazi-Masonsic-CIA-lizard-cabal, that’s who. And if you happen to think this is all rubbish, well, that’s just what they want you to think and you’re part of the problem.

Every conspiracy theory referred to in this article is one that I have actually found on the Internet in the last day or two. Except that bit about the Ramones. But then, that’s what they want you to think.

*It’s no coincidence conspiracy theorists are in 7th Heaven … flight MH370 and flight MH17 were both Boeing 777s; MH17 crashed 17 years to the day of its maiden flight, on 177-97; Remember 9/11? 1+1=2, 9-2=7, also flight 77 (Pentagon) and flight 175 (south tower); not to mention London’s 7/7! Illuminati frontman (and rapper) Kendrick Lamar wore a shirt with 777 on at the 2013 MTV Awards, a ceremony that also saw a whole cast of Cabal-funded entertainers show off Masonic Illuminati one-eyed symbolism; 777 was also the name of Isis-tattoo’d Rihanna’s 2013 tour documentary; Illuminati lizard-person Christine Lagarde gave a large chunk of her 2014 IMF forecast speech over to the number seven … 2014, 2 x 7 = 14, 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, 2+5=7, the G7, G= 7th letter of the alphabet; and it all ties in with the work of the Great Beast, Aleister Crowley, and his 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings. What more proof do you need that the number seven … um, exists?

Virginia Tech Massacre – WHERE are the victims?

I’ve been wanting to write something on the conspiracy theory of ‘staged violence’ and ‘crisis actors’, but thought I’d have a little pop at this conspiracy fish in a barrel, a four-minute video entitled ‘Virginia Tech Massacre – WHERE are the victims?‘.

It was posted to the Internet Archive (update: on YouTube here) on or near to the seventh anniversary (2014) of the Virginia Tech shootings that were carried out on 16 April 2007, and shows screenshots of an search for the death records of the 32 victims in Montgomery County, Virginia – where the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University is located.

The point of the video is that the researcher finds no mass list of deaths for 16 April 2007 (they actually search from 13 Apr – 27 Apr), just one name appears for the date of the massacre – a person not listed among the victims of the shooting.

As the description for the video states:

“A search for the “victims” of the 2007 Virginia Tech ‘massacre’ in official records yields some shocking results. There aren’t any.”

I think this video is a good reflection of the research skills of the average conspiracy theorist: woefully poor. The video shows them searching the US Social Security Death Index (1935-current), with no name entered, in Montgomery County, Virginia, USA, on the dates of 13 Apr 2007 (eh?) through to 27 Apr 2007.

“Did you see it?”, asks the video, “did you miss the day where 32 people were killed in Montgomery County? Here it is again … and this ONE name is not even in the list of ‘official’ victims”. The official list is shown, then they go on – “SOME of those names do occur in the US Death Master File but NONE from THIS location! WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO”.

So why didn’t this conspiracy genius find 32 names (33 if you include the perpetrator) registered in Montgomery County on 16 April 2007? Because searching the US Social Security Death Index for Montgomery County, Virginia, will only return results for people whose last residence is recorded as Montgomery County, Virginia (you can even plainly see this on the video), and the victims were students and lecturers who were either not residents of the county or who have no data in the ‘last residence’ field.

If you search for the victims by name, you find them, and they are listed under the locations where their social security numbers were issued. Here are four of the victims, picked from a random point part-way down the list:

  • Kevin P Granata 29 Dec 1961 – 16 Apr 2007: State (Year) SSN issued: Ohio (1979)
  • Matthew G Gwaltney 11 Dec 1982 – 16 Apr 2007: State (Year) SSN issued: Virginia (1988)
  • Caitlin M Hammaren 4 May 1987 – 16 Apr 2007: State (Year) SSN issued: New York (1988-1992)
  • Jeremy M Herbstritt 6 Nov 1979 – 16 Apr 2007: State (Year) SSN issues: Iowa (1983)

Conspiracy theorists aren’t interested in the truth – they want everything to fit into their fantastical and degenerate world view. Whether they’re aware of it or not, they will bend and break the truth to fit that view, and very often lie about it or even fake material in order to make it ‘real’. The fact that the maker of this video admits he found “some of those names” makes me think this one is most probably in the ‘knowing liar’ category.

For them, no disaster, natural or human, occurs out of the blue. The government, the cabal, or the illuminati is behind everything – Sandy Hook, 9/11, Aurora, Fukushima, The Titanic, Boston, 7/7, Princess Diana, Flight MH370, Senator Giffords, and thousands more, including the Virginia Tech massacre. And the conspiracy theorist, more often than not, believes all of them.

When they accuse the parents of the children murdered in the Sandy Hook shooting of being ‘crisis actors’, when they say the victims of Sandy Hook, or Flight MH370, or Virginia Tech didn’t really die, that it was all staged, they are being disrespectful to the point of abuse.

Just looking up the names of the four victims listed above for this article left me feeling slightly uncomfortable – like I was prying. What emotions must these conspiracy theorists be switching off (or not have in the first place) in order to commit such atrocities in the name of their paranoia?

The victims are real, and the parents, children, grandparents and friends, etc. of those who died, those who are left, are real people with real grief.